Ongoing Projects

Please see below for a list of the doctoral students and their respective doctoral theses. Please note that many of these are working titles and subject to change..

PhD Student
Which Determinants Influence Individual Mobility Demand? Development of an Integrated Demand ModelAnne Baumgartner
Stephan Parlow
Praktiken politisch-administrativer Nachhaltigkeitsorientierung - Eine Begleitforschung für den Kanton Basel-StadtVera Kämpfen
Ann-Kathrin Hess
Sven Alleman
Characteristics of Corporate Values Exemplified from a Sustainability PerspectiveJan Frece
Local knowledge in the context of sustainable development: the case of local medicinal plant knowledgeYvonne Scherrer
The Capability Approach as the Normative Foundation for Sustainable DevelopmentEmily Schultz
Michael Tschäni
Thomas Stoiber