Emily Schultz, M.A./Sc.


PhD Student



Emily Schultz completed her B.A. in philosophy and economics at the University of Delaware (2006), worked as an au pair in Germany for a year and then continued her studies at the University of Basel, completing her M.A./Sc. in sustainable development (2012). From February to July 2012, she worked as an assistant to Prof. Dr. Paul Burger at the group Sustainability Research. She is currently working towards her PhD (expected graduation 2016).


Research interests

Ideal and non-ideal justice, the Capability Approach, Sustainable Development theory.



  • Schultz, E., Christen, M., Voget-Kleschin, L., Burger, P. (2013): "A Sustainability-fitting interpretation of the Capability Approach: Integrating the natural dimension by employing feedback-loops', Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 14(1), pp. 115-133.
  • Christen, M., Schultz, E., Burger, P. (2011): "In support of a more just and sustainable human development: Furthering a capability based conception of sustainability", Paper presented at the HDCA Conference, The Hague, Netherlands, 5-8 September, 2011.



  • 11. October, 2016: "Investing Human Dignity in Justice and Sustainability Theories". Presentation at the Final Conference on Human Dignity at the Foundation of Human Rights Conference, 11-13 October, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • 30. August, 2012: "Relating the normative foundation and descriptive circumstances of sustainability: Arguing for a normative feedback-loop". Presentation at the 3rd International Sustainability Conference, 29-31 August 2012, Basel, Switzerland.
  • 24. June, 2012: "Narrowing the theoretical gap between Sustainable Development and the Capability Approach: Using action-guiding potential as a criterion for SD-fitness". Presentation at the 17th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, 24-26 June 2012, Hull, England.
  • 7. September, 2011: "In support of a more just and sustainable human development: Furthering a capability based conception of sustainability". Paper presented with Marius Christen at the annual Human Development and Capability Approach Conference, 5-8 September, 2011, The Hague, Netherlands.



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