Dr. phil. Stephan Schmidt


Postdoctoral Researcher at the Forschungsstelle Nachhaltige Energie- und Wasserversorgung (FoNEW), affiliated with Sustainability Research.



Stephan Schmidt was born in 1981 in Berlin, Germany. He studied Human Geography (04/2003 – 07/2008) in Greifswald (D) and wrote his diploma thesis on: „Evaluation of Governance Processes in Rural Regions. Does the participation of Ecological Stakeholders also mean their consideration?“. From 09/2008 to 08/2011 he was a scientific assistant of Prof. Dr. Paul Burger at Program Sustainability Research. There he worked on his dissertation on „Zukunftsfähige Regionalentwicklung: Handlungsfähigkeit durch Capacity Building“. Since 09/2011 Stephan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Forschungsstelle Nachhaltige Energie- und Wasserversorgung (FoNEW) and responsible for societal questions of the energy transition.

Research Interests

Spatial strategies for a sustainable development; Learning and innovation for a sustainable development; Governance and participation processes; Socio-economic aspects of the transformation of the energy system.


Seminar: Favourable learning conditions for a sustainable energy transition.
Seminar: Nachhaltiges Elektrizitätssystem in der Schweiz und Europa im Jahre 2050 - Grundlagen zur Analyse



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Socio-Economic Perspective: Reduction through Energy Efficiency and beyond". FoNEW Discussion Paper, University of Basel.
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  • Augst, 2012: "Action Capacity as a central criterion for sustainable regional development". The institutionalisation of sustainability and its transformation into practice. 3rd International Sustainability Conference in Basel, Switzerland.
  • June, 2010: "Knowledge-Management for Sustainable Regional Development; A Formal Framework for Theories of Sustainability". 16th International Sustainable Development Research Conference in Hong Kong.
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  • July, 2009: "The new regional policy in Switzerland: Can collaboration lead to a sustainable development?". 15th International Sustainable Development Research Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands.



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