Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition

The Swiss Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition – SCCER-CREST ( – has been founded in 2014 to contribute to the energy transition in Switzerland by providing evidence-bases for informed societal, economic and political decisions. It is structurally financed by federal funds (CTI) and by third party funds for the different research activities. It is one of eight SCCERs and covers the complete action area “economy, environment, law and behavior” with three lines of research and approximately 40 research groups troughout Switzerland. Its focus is on socio-economic aspects of the energy system and it addresses relevant topics on the individual level (e.g. change of behavior), on the level of firms and regions (e.g. new business models) and on the macro level (e.g. policy recommendations, market design).

Our research group is strongly engaged in work package 2 on change of behavior, Paul Burger being head of it.