Emily Schultz
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Schultz, E., Christen, M., Voget-Kleschin, L. and Burger, P. (2013) “A Sustainability-Fitting Interpretation of the Capability Approach: Integrating the Natural Dimension by Employing Feedback Loops”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. Wiley, 14, Special Issue: SI(1), pp. 115–133. doi: 10.1080/19452829.2012.747489.   edoc
Christen, M., Schultz, E. and Burger, P. (2012) “In support of a more just and sustainable human development: furthering a capability based conception of sustainability”, in 2011 HDCA Conference Proceedings. Boston (Mass.): Human Development and Capability Approach Organization.   edoc
Schultz, E. (2011) Interpreting Capability Approach justice-theories for a conception of Sustainability.   edoc
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The Capability Approach as the normative foundation of Sustainable Development Abgeschlossen